Nerd Nite Global Fest - "Itch it up"

A little advanced warning about a performance presentation that I'm giving together with Dr. Irene Moon (Entomologist Katja Seltmann of the American Museum of Natural History) at the Nerd Night Global Festival NYC August 16-18 2013.  

Imagine many of the greatest Nerd Nite presenters from across the globe all in one location.  Imagine the editor-in-chief of Popular Science and the producers of Radiolab emceeing and judging a Drunk Science competition among audience members.  Imagine meeting fellow curious, smart folk like yourself while drinking FREE BEER FOR 3 DAYS.  Imagine no more!

Our presentation is entitled: Itchy Itchy Scratch: Insects that Make Your Skin Crawl and All the Lovely Reasons Why.  I will be discussing the science of "itching" while Dr. Moon weighs in on the critters that make us feel that way.