Eurohaptics 2014 in Versailles, France

Eurohaptics 2014 is over!  In contrast to the photo below, the conference was not held in the palace, but in the former stables (now the school of architecture).  This year's event was highlighted by some fantastic presentations, papers, and demonstrations.

Big congratulations to our students and collaborators, Hikaru Nagano, Marco Janko, Rich Primerano, Shogo Okamoto, Keerthi A Duraikkannen, and Vincent Hayward.  Vincent also chaired the conference. We presented three papers this year. Our work on force patterns during bare finger contact was shortlisted in the best paper category. Thank you!

We also gave a talk "On Vibration and Softness Perception" at the wonderful Multisensory Softness workshop organized by Max Di Luca, in advance of the forthcoming eponymous Springer book that he has edited. The talk was inspired by the book chapter of Visell and Okamoto.