This is an evolving list of resources for finding housing at UCSB

UC Santa Barbara offers a variety of housing options for graduate students. For information on how to apply for housing, please visit Housing and Residential Services.  The deadline to apply for housing at San Clemente Villages is May 15th.  You are also welcome to seek housing in the community (in which case, you do not need to submit an application for university-owned housing; see the Community Housing Office for help getting started). University-owned housing is mainly limited to UCSB students.

Student Family Housing provides a limited number of one- and two-bedroom, single-family units for full-time UCSB students. The apartments are located in two separate complexes approximately 1 mile from the main campus. Non-traditional and extended families are welcome. Families with children are given priority.  Applicants and students are advised to sign the waiting list as early as possible.

For international scholars or those interested in off-campus options:

With the exception of Isla Vista, most off-campus housing options do not need to be secured months in advance. Landlords usually post open listings when they are available and will want tenants who can move in right away. Plan to start looking for housing about a month before you plan to move in.

  • Year-long leases are typical, but shorter leases and month-to-month options are not uncommon- always try your hand at negotiating if you need something different than what is offered.

  • It is hard to find places with in-unit laundry, but most have on-site laundry.

  • Expect to pay a security deposit of at least one month’s rent (property providers can ask up to two times the amount of rent for an unfurnished unit), though can be more if you are considered a risky tenant.

  • Depending on your rental history, income, or credit score, you may need to have a co-signer/guarantor.

Typical Rental Costs:

  • Private room in a shared apartment or house: Starting around $700/month

  • Studio: $900-$1400/month, size and amenities can vary widely

  • 1-bedroom apartment: $1200-$1800/month

  • 2-bedroom apartment: $1800- $2400/month

  • 3-bedroom apartment or house: Some close to $2000/month, but usually closer to $2500 and up.

More information:

Some off-campus housing:

This website provides lots of good sublease services for UCSB student, require a UCSB net ID though.

(someone from the lab can assist)

 Rental Listings:

Facebook group: UCSB Housing

RentCollegePads UCSB Site Off-Campus Housin

RentCollegePads, Housing Subleases Near UC Santa Barbara university is also a place to look but is a little sparse in terms of rental postings

Local apartment complexes (Pacific Oaks, many others)